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How to create neon brushes in Procreate 💡

Follow the steps below to start creating custom neon and light brushes in just a few seconds using Procreate!

Video tutorial available on YouTube 👉

Quick browse:

Step 1: Create your brush shape

  • Start with a square canvas and draw the brush shape of your choice using black.

  • Duplicate your layer by swiping it towards the left with one finger and selecting the Duplicate option.

  • Add blur to one of the copies to create the glowing effect. For this, I like to use Gaussian blur, which can be found in the Adjustments menu (magic wand icon). This glow should be very faint and shouldn't go beyond the edges of your canvas.

Step 2: Create the brush

  • Once you're happy with your brush shape, copy your canvas by going in the wrench icon menu, selecting Add, then Copy canvas.

  • Create a new brush.

  • In the Shape section of the brush editor, tap on Edit or Shape source, then Import, and Paste.

Pro tip: Tap on your shape with two fingers until the background behind your brush is dark.

Step 3: Adjust the brush settings

To create the neon light effect, go to the Rending section of the brush editor, and set Burnt Edges mode to multiply, Blend mode to Add, and activate the Luminance blending toggle.

And voilà - you're all set!


Meet your new go-to brushes

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