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How to create MANDALAS in Procreate 😌

A rainbow mandala in the Procreate app ecosystem.

Follow the steps below to start creating your own mandalas in just a few seconds using Procreate! This is truly one of the easiest, most relaxing art project you can do. Plus, it's super easy to set up thanks to Procreate's Symmetry tool!

Video tutorial available on YouTube 👉

Quick browse:

Step 1: Create a square canvas

I'm using the basing 2048 x 2048 px, but you can adjust the dimensions to your project's requirements. Pro Tip: Not sure how to pick a canvas size? Check out this short tutorial:

Step 2: Set up Symmetry

  1. Open the wrench icon menu, and select the Canvas section.

  2. Activate the drawing guide toggle and tap on Edit Drawing Guide.

Closeup of the Canvas submenu in Procreate

3. Select Symmetry and, in the options, pick Radial.

Close up of the Drawing Guides menu in Procreate

Step 3: Draw your Procreate mandala!

Make sure Drawing assist is activated on your layer, and you're good to go!

Whatever you draw in one of the sections will be repeated in the other 7.

Close up of the layer menu in Procreate

✏️ Step up your illustration & design game ✏️

The kit includes brushes, templates, cheat sheets, textures, and a special discount code.

Procreate freebies bundle overview animation with palettes, cheat sheets, brushes, and templates.


Meet your new go-to brushes
Ipad with display image of Genevieve's Design Studio's Procreate "Inking, Stippling & Textures"brush bundle. Features a cute jackalope illustration on a blue background, with mushrooms floating around.

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