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How to create a double-exposure effect in Procreate 🤩

A double-exposure picture (woman looking down & mountains) in the Procreate app ecosystem.

Follow the steps below to start creating awesome double-exposure photos in just a few seconds using Procreate! The steps to get this cool effect are super simple, but it truly is a game changing design trick.

Video tutorial available on YouTube 👉

Quick browse:

Step 1: Prepare your base photo

  1. Start with a photo of a person, animal or object.

  2. Remove the background, either by erasing everything manually, or by picking the selection tool, setting it to automatic, dragging your pencil on the screen to select the background, and using clear from the layer menu.

Close up of Procreate's selection tool menu.

Close up of Procreate's layer menu, with an Apple Pencil hovering over the "Clear" option.

3. Tap on the little N next to the layer's visibility checkmark and change the blending mode of the layer to Luminosity (bottom of the list).

Close up of Procreate's blending mode menu, with the Luminosity option selected.

Step 2: Set up your secondary photo

  1. Add your secondary picture to your file

  2. Change its blending mode to Lighten.

Closeup of Procreate's blending modes menu with the Lighten option selected.

Step 3: Add a layer mask

  1. Hold two fingers on your person layer to select the shape

  2. Turn your selection into a mask by tapping twice on your secondary picture layer and selecting Mask.

Pro Tip: Polish up your piece by erasing your secondary picture with a soft brush when it overlaps with key elements such as facial features.

Close up of the layer menu in Procreate with an Apple Pencil hovering over the "Mask" option.

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