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How To Make An Embossed SIGNATURE BRUSH (Watermark) In Procreate

You can create your own signature stamp brush to use as a watermark or as an elegant way to finish your artwork in just a couple of minutes!

Video tutorial available on YouTube:

Step 1: Design your signature

  • Create a square canvas. The exact dimensions don’t matter; as long as it’s square, you’re okay.

  • For your signature, you can draw something, or you could type text.

  • No matter how you decide to create your signature, make sure that your color is set to black.

Note: To add text in Procreate, select the wrench icon menu and select Add Text from the Add sub-menu.

Tip: you can apply an embossed effect to your signature. Step-by-step tutorial available here:

Step 2: Copy your signature

  • Once you’re happy with your signature, go back to the wrench icon menu, and in the Add sub-menu, select Copy Canvas.

Steps 3 : Create a brush

  • Open up your brush panel, and tap on the plus icon on the top right corner, which will create a brush from scratch.

  • Increase Spacing in Stroke Path to maximum to get a stamp effect.

  • In the Shape section, tap on Edit, Import, then Paste.

Note: make sure that your background behind the signature is dark. If it’s light, tap on the brush with two fingers to invert the colors.

  • Tap Done.

  • If you’re working with an Apple Pencil, disable anything related to pressure sensitivity.

  • In the Property menu, activate Use stamp preview. This will make it easier to see the brush in the brush library.

  • You can also play with the maximum size of the brush; the exact number will depend on multiple factors like the canvas size you started with.

That’s it!

Tip: if you are working in a piece with colors in the background, set your signature layer to either Multiply or Linear Burn to get the best of any embossing effect. You can also play with the opacity of that layer to adjust the contrast.


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