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How To IMPORT FONTS and add TEXT in Procreate

Did you know you can import fonts to Procreate? It's super easy and a fantastic way to customize your designs!

Video tutorial available on YouTube:

How To Add Text

Before we can start customizing our fonts, we need to have at least one text layer. To add text in Procreate, open the wrench icon menu at the top. The Add Text option is located in the Add sub-menu.

This will create a special text layer, which you can access through the layer panel. To edit your text, tap on the layer twice and select Edit Text in the layer menu.

Importing fonts

First, we need a font to import.

Here are a few different websites you can use to find both free and paid fonts:

Tip: before buying anything, make sure that it is either TTF, TTC, or OTF. As of posting this article, Procreate doesn't support other formats.

Method 1: Airdrop

If you have your fonts on a separate Apple device, like a computer or another iPad, you can AirDrop it to yourself. When your iPad receives the AirDrop, it will give you the option to open with... Procreate!

Just tap on the pop-up notification and your font will automatically be added to Procreate.

Method 2: Saved Files

If your files are already on your iPad (for example, if you download from a website like Google Fonts), you can use the Import Font option available through the text customization panel.

Create or edit a text layer and tap on the two A's above the keyboard to access this panel.

This will open the text customization panel, which includes the Import Fonts option.

Locate your files on your iPad either by using the search bar or by navigating through your different folders (there's a high chance your fonts will be in the Downloads folder). Tap on the font you want to import and it will be added to Procreate.

Tip: if you already had that font family selected and are adding a new style like italic or bold, then you won't see the new style right away. Tap on a different font family, then back on the newly imported one to update the list.


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