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How to ORGANIZE Procreate 📁

The best way to keep your Procreate Gallery clean and organized (i.e. not a messy canvas jungle) is, without a doubt, to use stacks... But even stacks can start to add up after a while!

Unfortunately, the options to organize stacks within the Gallery are pretty limited, so I decided to create stack covers for my own Gallery.

Turns out people liked them, so I decided to turn them into a free Stack Cover Template, which you can get for free in my Procreate Jump Start Kit!

Follow the steps below to start creating custom covers for your stacks in just a few seconds!

Video tutorial available on YouTube 👉

Quick browse:

Step 0: Download the template onto your iPad

The goal here is to get the template onto your iPad. Here are a few common ways to do this:

  • You can download template file straight from my website directly onto your iPad

  • You can email the template file to yourself if you initially got it on a different device

  • You can AirDrop the template file to your iPad from another Apple device

Step 1: Locate the file in your iPad's downloads

After the download is complete, the template will end up in the Files app (blue folder icon) that comes with your iPad, which looks like this:

At this point, chances are the template will be in a zip file. If so, proceed to step 2. If the template is not zipped, skip to step 3.

Step 2: Tap on the file(s) to unzip

  • Do this while still in your Files app, not within Procreate!

  • Make sure you are not accessing the files using the "Recents" filter in the Files app as you won't be able to unzip the file from there. Use either iCloud Drive, On My iPad, Downloads, or the search bar.

Step 3: Locate the template file with the extension .procreate and tap on it

Next time you open Procreate, your template will be the first canvas in your Gallery.

Step 4: Duplicate the template so you have a copy to edit

  1. In your Gallery, tap on Select (top right)

  2. Select the Stack Cover Template

  3. Tap on Duplicate (top right)

Step 5: Tap on the copied template to open it

Step 6: Open the layer menu and edit the text

Pro Tip: I use the small label as my category label and the big one for the project name.

Step 7: Pick a pattern and a color, or create your own designs!

Step 8: From the Gallery, drag the edited canvas into a stack

Make sure it is the stack's first canvas (top left)!

Step 9: Repeat!

Pro Tip: If you are creating multiple covers for the same category, duplicate one of the covers you made instead of the original template to keep the background color and patterns the same!


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