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How to ORGANIZE Procreate 📁

The best way to keep your Procreate Gallery clean and organized (i.e. not a messy canvas jungle) is, without a doubt, to use stacks... But even stacks can start to add up after a while!

Unfortunately, the options to organize stacks within the Gallery are pretty limited, so I decided to create stack covers for my own Gallery.

Turns out people liked them, so I decided to turn them into a free Stack Cover Template, which you can get for free in my Procreate Jump Start Kit!

Follow the steps below to start creating custom covers for your stacks in just a few seconds!

Video tutorial available on YouTube 👉

Quick browse:

Step 0: Download the template onto your iPad

Step 1: Locate the file in your iPad's downloads

Step 2: Tap on the file(s) to unzip

Step 3: Locate the template file with the extension .procreate and tap on it

Step 4: Duplicate the template so you have a copy to edit

Step 5: Tap on the copied template to open it

Step 6: Open the layer menu and edit the text

Step 7: Pick a pattern and a color, or create your own designs!

Step 8: From the Gallery, drag the edited canvas into a stack

Step 9: Repeat!