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How create condensation WALLPAPERS 💧

Follow the steps below to start creating custom condensation wallpapers in just a few seconds using Procreate!

Video tutorial available on YouTube 👉

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Step 0: Get a water droplet image onto your iPad

You can use any water droplet picture of your choice for this step, such as the free one included in my Procreate Jump Start Kit!

The goal here is to get the image onto your iPad. Here are a few common ways to do this:

  • You can download the image straight from my website directly onto your iPad

  • You can email the image to yourself if you initially got it on a different device

  • You can AirDrop the image to your iPad from another Apple device

Step 1: Open your base image in Procreate

Create a new canvas and import your base picture. Pro Tip: The size of your canvas will depend on your device, but 1080 x 1920 px will work for many phones.

Step 2: Add your water droplet image

  1. In the wrench icon menu, select Add, then Insert a photo.

  2. Find the water droplet image in your Camera Roll.

Step 3: Apply a blending mode

  1. Open your layer menu.

  2. Tap on the little N next to the check mark on your water droplets layer.

  3. Select a blending mode such as Screen or Hard Light.

Step 4 (Optional): Add blur to your base image

  1. Select the layer with your base image.

  2. In the adjustment menu (magic wand icon), select Gaussian Blur.

  3. Set the blur to 15-20% by swiping one finger towards the left on the screen.

  4. Select the pencil option by tapping on the downwards arrow next to the Gaussian Blur label.

  5. Using a soft brush, add blur to elements further away on your base image.

Step 5: Save the result

  1. In the wrench icon menu, select Share, then JPEG.

  2. Select Save Image.

Step 6: Set your wallpaper

  1. Open your camera roll (photos).

  2. Tap on the share/export icon on the top right.

3. Select Set as Wallpaper.


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