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Draw like DISNEY (+ Free face template!)

Want to turn yourself into a Disney character?

Today's tutorial covers all the steps you need to learn how to draw a face like Disney, from sketching to shading AND there's even a free template* you can use if you want to make it extra easy 🤍

Check out the tutorial on YouTube:

Not feeling like sketching?

Jump ahead by using my free template! Installation instructions below.

Quick browse:

Step 0: Get the template onto your iPad

Step 1: Locate the file in your iPad's downloads

Step 2: Add the template to your Procreate canvas

Step 3: Rename the template layer

Step 4: Lower the layer opacity

Step 5: Lock the layer

Step 6: Draw!

Step 0: Get the template onto your iPad

  • If you already have your Procreate Jump-Start Kit, the template will automatically be added to the "template"s section of your download hub. Simply log in using your password, no need to subscribe again!

  • If you don't have a Procreate Jump-Start Kit, you can grab one for free here: