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How To Create LIGHTS and NEON Effect in Procreate + Free Brush!

Today, we’re going to learn how to create really nice hanging lights and neon signs. And there's even a free brush for you to use, but I'm getting ahead of myself 😉

Part 1: Background (free images)

Part 2: Regular lights (free brush + bloom)

Part 3: Neon effect (bloom + layer mask)

Full video tutorial available on YouTube:

Part 1: Background

1. First, find a picture to use as a background behind our lights. You can use any picture of your choice I personally will use this wooden background I found on Unsplash.

2. Then, either open a canvas that you already have or create a new one.

3. Go in your wrench icon menu at the top and select insert a file (if you downloaded a picture from Safari) or insert a photo (if the picture is in your camera roll).

4. Resize your picture it as needed using the arrow tool.