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What's inside:
  • 81 facial feature brushes

  • 20 texture brushes

  • 4 template files (front, profile, 3/4, colors)

  • 3 comprehensive tutorials (1h+)

  • 4 BONUS color palettes

  • Lifetime updates when new brushes are added to this set

  • $100+ value!

This high-quality brush set was made to simplify the portrait drawing process by combining facial feature brushes (faces, eyes, noses, lips, etc.) and texture brushes (skin texture, eyelashes, hair, etc.)

Use the facial feature brushes to stamp parts of your portrait and create a sketch in just a few taps, then add colors using the easy to use, time-saving texture brushes.

If portrait drawing is new to you, you can also watch the step by step, in-depth video tutorials provided in the bundle to learn how to draw a face like a pro.

If you're a pro, you'll be able to streamline your creative process and save precious creative time.


Good design should be easy and affordable, so I’ve decided to skip the complicated licensing stuff and offer Extended Licensing on ALL products on this website. Check out what you can do >

Create stunning portraits in a few taps

Explore the brushes:

New to Procreate? Don't worry, installing the brushes is super easy and I have a complete FAQ (with videos) to help you >


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Ultimate Portrait Bundle For Procreate


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