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What's inside:
  • 12 realistic pencil brushes

  • Pre-textured files (5000 x 4000 px)

  • BONUS high-resolution paper texture

  • BONUS color palettes (Pencil Box & Human)

  • Lifetime updates when new brushes are added to this set

This high-quality brush set was made using real pencils and paper textures for an authentic, lifelike look.

Taking advantage of the most advanced Procreate 5x & Apple Pen features, the brushes behave like traditional coloring & graphite pencils - use the Apple Pencil normally to get sharp, pressure-sensitive strokes, or tilt your Apple Pencil to get wide, soft, textured strokes.

The brushes can be used both to mimic coloring & graphite pencil and come with their own eraser brush shape.

For optimal results, the brushes can be used along the pre-textured file included in the pack - watch the details of your piece come to life simply by turning layers on and off!


Good design should be easy and affordable, so I’ve decided to skip the complicated licensing stuff and offer Extended Licensing on ALL products on this website. Check out what you can do >

Create digital art that looks just like real pencil

Explore the brushes:

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Ultimate Pencil Brushes For Procreate

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